Saturday, August 23, 2008

What does gold taste like, anyway?

Here we are, a mere two hours from the game America has waited four years for. The word redemption has been tossed around often but the word in my mind right now is humility. This truly has been a journey for me. I was like the rest of the American public who thought it was our birthright to win every game by 35-40 points and bring home gold every four years. I was too ignorant too realize this game had become a world-wide sport and even in 2000 the gap was being closed. Watching this me-first, leaderless team (note: Tim Duncan was misused by Larry Brown that summer) flounder gave me the second biggest dose of humility in my sporting life. I'll give you one guess as to which game was number one on the list. That subject will be brought up later.

My main point here about humility is that since that wall of invincibility has fallen, winning a gold medal would taste that much sweeter because we know the hard work that has been put in. I'll be blogging during the game and have a recap of the USA Men's Basketball '08 summer tomorrow.

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